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Dr Candice Dugmore Chiropractor

The Chiropractor Who Helps Port Elizabeth Stay Well
Port Elizabeth Chiropractor, Dr. Candice Dugmore of Life Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, was taught to address the patient, not just the symptoms they present, and that is what she does in her practice.

Eliminate Health Problems
Many people experience health problems but at Life Chiropractic and Wellness Centre we have found that they can be eliminated by making certain lifestyle changes.

Our Focus at Life Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
Our focus then is a more proactive approach to health rather than a reactive approach, or true health care rather than sick care. It is remarkable to see the changes Port Elizabeth residents can experience when the simple holistic approach is followed. At Life Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, we want to inspire and lead people to be healthier, better human beings.

Everybody can Benefit from Chiropractic Care
Everybody can benefit from chiropractic, young and old and we modify our techniques to fit people of all ages and walks of life. Chiropractic is beneficial to children, the sports enthusiast, businessman and women alike, pregnant women, babies, the older and wiser generations, and anyone who would like to lead a more healthier, optimal lifestyle.

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Baby Whisperer

Do you have an unhappy, niggley, colicky baby? Dr Candice Dugmore has a real affinity with babies and uses only very gentle adjusting techniques, contact points, and cranial work. They often even fall asleep during the adjustment!